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Now we are in November and the John Lewis ad has made it’s debut we can officially start to get excited about Christmas!! We are a mere 6 months from our wedding (Ahh!) and we have to pay everything off in January (double Ahh!!) –  so this year we will be keeping to a strict budget!

I love photo gifts and obviously I’m never short of material with all these adventures we’ve been going on this year! With SnapFish you can create so many brilliant presents, stick to your budget and give something that your friends & family will treasure! I thought I would show you just a few of the things that will be in our stockings this year!

Stocking Fillers with Snapfish - Adventures With Isla - Lifestyle Parenting Blog


The first is a 6×4″ Table-top Acrylic Photo Print – it is fade resistant and comes with a little stand! We absolutely love this photo so it seems right to get it printed to go on Barney’s desk so he can see it every day! The quality is great and there’s no way you would know it was only £9.99. You can get the Acrylic prints in huge wall art sizes too and I am so tempted to get one for the living room!


Next up in Barney’s stocking are these adorable set of 6 coasters! (Only 5 pictured because Isla ran off with one! Sorry!) This photo was her standing on the stage at Barney’s show – I just can’t get over how rock ‘n’ roll she is! I’ve already started using one of them (Sorry Barney – blame Isla!) and they are brilliant as they are heat resistant and have a non-slip cork backing. Our last set were glass and had photos that could slip in –  if anything spilt on the coaster the photo got wet & ruined because of gaps in the glass – so these are a thousand times better and look set to last for ages! Each coaster is 4″x4″ and they are £12.99: available here.


This next one is for Isla! After her amazing 1st Birthday party I thought it would be nice to put together a mini book for her to look back at the photos. She loves looking at photos of family and pointing out everyone – she’s just started to have a go at saying everyones names so I know she’ll absolutely love it! The quality is absolutely brilliant and the paper has a really lovely texture to it. Designing it was so easy and you can add all sorts of text and extra’s to make it more creative! I had so much fun doing it that I’m planning a big book with all the photos from Isla’s first year – so I’ll be sure to show you all when it’s done!

The book I made was 6×4 and for £6.99 for 20 pages, I’m tempted to make little books for every adventure & big event we go to! You can start designing yours here.

awi-img_3853 awi-img_3857

I tried something a little different this year for the family – these 12×8 collages are from our trip to Loch Lomond and from Isla’s cousin’s birthday party!
We had so many photos we loved from our trip that I just couldn’t pick one and thought I could frame this or maybe just put it on the fridge!
The cousins are all under 5 so getting a photo of the 4 of them happily together is basically impossible – a collage was definitely the only option for including lovely photos of everyone! I even included Wilbur the puppy – because who could leave that little cutie out?!

The collages were £1.99 each so will make a nice little extra to go with everyone’s presents and I’ve already put ours up on the fridge!


I can’t get over how easy SnapFish’s website is. The creativity is endless and a huge amount of fun to put it all together and try out all the options! I could have made a hundred different things so I’m sure you’ll be able to create something that your loved one will adore! Our stockings are all set – now I just need to plan literally everything else! 😉


They have just added ornaments to their website and I think I’ll order one of Isla in the photo below – her cheeky little face deserves to be pride of place on our tree! 😉 I can’t wait to see what you make so send me your creations on Twitter @Poppy_Carter!