We were very lucky to take a ride on the new British Airways i360 during our stay in Brighton and shared the ‘flight’ with a special guest… Santa!! Isla is still warming to the idea of him but she loved the view and how spacious the i360 is!

For such a new attraction I was expecting a few hiccups – but the service was faultless and everything was seamless. We waited to board in a slightly underwhelming room but with deck chairs, large windows and a bar to watch the i360 descend on its 450ft journey – you didn’t really need much else! Boarding was straight-forward – with full disabled access and we were able to take the pram on too. I was expecting it to be really busy but it was just perfect to leave enough room for Isla to run around safely and still have a lovely atmosphere of the other guests!

If you book online before you go you can save a bit of money – it costs £13.50 each for adults, and £6.75 for children. Under 4’s go free!

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Isla’s outfit is from BabyGap with boots from Petasil.