This small brand Sunday shout out is for my brilliant cousin, Curtis Rosenthal! He is an amazing ‘self-taught doodle maker’ as he puts it and sells his art from his online shop. I thought you would all love the newest addition – the most adorable Animal Alphabet!

Curtis Rosenthal - Custom Nursery Prints - Adventures With Isla - Parenting Blogger

You can choose from a range of different animal & colour options and even add in their date of birth & other details!

Isla Print - Curtis Rosenthal Custom Nursery Pritns

I am a little bit obsessed with the Puffer Fish and the Lemurs are adorable!

Isla Print - Curtis Rosenthal Custom Nursery Pritns

They would make the perfect gift for the newest arrivals in your life – head over to his Etsy to order!

He also does an amazing range of ‘Adult’ prints featuring iconic stars & movie characters… so you don’t feel left out!

Let me know what your favourites are & make sure to tag me if you share your prints on Instagram!